Big-hearted socks

The Zoo-Refuge de La Tanière aims to take in animals with a difficult past. Not only to care for them, but also to give them a better life.

In its quest to preserve wildlife, we joined their commitments to collaborate on a meaningful and hopeful project : to contribute to the rescue and preservation of animals in danger.

This union was focused on the joint creation of a product, with mutual aid as the key word.

The result is a set of two pairs of socks, with strong patterns and messages, made in Portugal with 98% Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified cotton.

For each set sold, we donate 10€ to the refuge La Tanière.

To make a donation directly to La Tanière, click here.

Watch a video of Nach’s visit to La Tanière here

More environmentally friendly fabrics

We all have a role to play in preserving nature. That is why we are trying to reduce our collections’ environmental impact. 

All our printed t-shirts are made at 100% with organic cotton. Grown without pesticide, insecticide or chemical, this cotton is more respectful of the planet and of those who grow it. It requires less water than traditional cotton and is more sustainable.

We are doing our best to ensure that, little by little, all our clothes are OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified, thus guaranteeing cleaner and more environmentally friendly production methods.

More Nach x Toulouse ATPA -SPA

Domesticated or wild, animals are parts of our DNA and need to be protected. In order to help those who are not lucky enough to have a home to welcome them, we have decided to support the ATPA – SPA shelter in Toulouse through punctual actions. 

A donation of kibble packs, then a collection of blankets, sheets and towels for the winter, and finally a lottery organized in aid of the shelter. 

We will continue to support this association so that all animals can finally find a loving family.

Nach x HISA Project

Since its creation, we have been attached to animals, their beauty and their diversity. However, in 2021, we also wanted to emphasize their fragility.

From the red panda to the polar bear, via the puffin and the elephant, 8 endangered species are highlighted in the capsule collection Les Protégés.

In order to obtain concrete actions in favor of animals, we took part in the fight led by HISA Project, an association committed to the preservation of numerous wild species. For each t-shirt purchased from the capsule collection, 10€ was donated to the association to support its projects around the world. 

A hopeful collaboration for wildlife and for those who work every day to defend it. Thanks to you, we are proud to have been able to raise €1000 for the association.